Kathryn Last

A selection for the Vanderlove Letter by the artist.

Peterborough and Toronto based artist Kathryn Last explores the intersection of creation and the expressivity of material through the artworks that she creates. Kathryn graduated from Trent University in 2013 specializing in Visual theory, Media and Cultural Studies. Kathryn is currently completing her Masters Degree at Trent University pursuing a research creation project in conjunction with her own artistic practice.

Each work begins with an improvised stroke. Kathryn explores and plays with the medium until she is driven in a certain direction. The freedom in Kathryn’s works is felt only because there is a certain level of control; a delicate balance of letting go and mindful restraint. For Kathryn, painting shares a commonality with sculpture in that the two entail a careful construction of textures, layers, and material. Colour is her primary material and she allows it to lead the direction and end result of each artwork.

DR / Katryn Last,