TheSkinnyType works are focused primarily on hand-cut photographic collages that create idyllic scenarios of young love and intimacy that delicately float between idealism and naturalism and play with different representations of the male figure. These scenes are explored from the dreams and fantasies of an observer who is driven either by the desire of realising impossible scenarios of narcissistic love, or looking for intimate moments created from characters and situations that share nothing in common other that the desire to unite two or more figures together. 

These sensual interactions between one guy and himself and the desire to observe these interactions from a voyeuristic perspective are a constant theme throughout TheSkinnyType’s work and form the foundation to his ongoing series ‘Narcissus Dreams’. Carefully selecting his images from magazines and books of photographers that he loves, TheSkinnyType cuts, arranges and glues his pieces by hand to create realistic compositions that are simultaneously tinged with the idealism of a renaissance painting; youthful muscular figures, representing their sinuosity to perfection with a clarity of line and delicate use of light and colour. 

More recently, TheSkinnyType has shifted his focus to his series ‘Superimpositions’. These works involve a different type of process whereby he selects pages with images on both sides and superimposes them, to curate a beautifully, visually arresting dialogue between the two existing scenarios. 

Crucial to TheSkinnyType’s practice is the nondigital process and the constraints that analogue imposes on us. For TheSkinnyType, being constrained by the physicality and rigidness of the raw material adds to the excitement when two different images are combined to generate a new story or composition – no image is manipulated, scaled, mirrored or filtered. In his unprecedented ability to merge each image with such precision and charm, one likens his work to the traditions of classical sculpture, the history of painting of past centuries, as well as to modernist art movements such as Impressionism. 

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