All about Valentin…

Saisissante série de photos vernaculaires, un butin accumulé dans l’atelier de Valentin Carron.

All about Valentin, is a project curated by Alexandre Amacker during the Winter of 2024
At the beginning Valentin couldn’t remember who was on the phone, he kinda asked me five times. It was only me, trying to get the deepest of his vernacular collection, that’s how it all happened. He also composed a 1:32 track as a background noise of his images.

Better with the sound on!

All about Valentin,

The exhibition « All about Valentin, » curated by Alexandre Amacker during the winter of 2024, transports us into the heart of Valentin’s vernacular experience. From the very beginning, we are immersed in the intimate and authentic atmosphere emanating from the images captured by Valentin.

Each photograph candidly exposes the most ordinary details of daily life, yet it is within this very simplicity that the evocative power of the exhibition lies. Valentin’s photographs transcend the mundane to reveal the hidden beauty in the most mundane moments, the most modest objects, and the most familiar scenes.

The vernacular aspect of Valentin’s photos is underscored by his sound composition, a 1 minute and 32-second track that envelops viewers in an immersive sonic ambiance. This soundtrack, designed in harmony with the exhibited images, enhances the authenticity of the experience, transporting the audience into the very heart of Valentin’s everyday universe.

The invitation to listen to the exhibition with sound activated amplifies this sensory immersion, emphasizing the importance of the interaction between the senses in the perception of art. Each click, each background noise, becomes an essential piece of the narrative puzzle, inviting viewers to delve even deeper into the intimacy of Valentin’s work.

In essence, « All about Valentin » is more than just a photographic exhibition; it is a celebration of daily life, magnified by Valentin’s unique artistic vision and superbly orchestrated by Alexandre Amacker. This exhibition reminds us that true beauty often lies in the most modest details of our existence and invites us to rediscover the unsuspected richness of our own reality.

– Hannah Grandi-Glasberg

ALL IMAGES DR / RR Valentin Carron,

Toutes les pièces sont à disponibles dès maintenant, à l’échelle et montés sur aluminium.
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