Ash Love

Ash Love, b. 1996 in Bordeaux, France, currently living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. After graduating from a transdisciplinary bachelor across art, science, politics and linguistics, Love pursued their studies in visual arts at HEAD – Genève. 

It is through installations – composed of painting, ceramic, video, sound and text – that their work questions the confined of the frame we call reality. By composing in space with elements as one would compose a sentence with words on a page, Ash Love aims to create open and non-linear narratives, in order to deviate the potentiel and possible futures. 

« My work explores the notion of space. be it the flat surface of the canvas or the room you call home. the physical and emotional space of the body, from sheltering womb to the width of the city you live in. space understood as an architecture in which you evolve and create by shaping and reshaping. space as a ground also, on which we communicate, with ourselves, and others. from sonorous poems to the deconstruction of words into noise, my work is very much language-based as a starting point. to this materiality and sonority of the text unfurls a dream-like narrative, where shapes, colours, touch, sound and movement erupts. » 

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