Moritz Moll

Moritz Moll (1991) has been studying fine art from 2015 to 2021 with a focus on figurative painting in the class of Anke Doberauer at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Moll combines figure and space with the means of color to create idiosyncratic compositions that grip the viewer in an immediate way. He tries to open up the conventional conception of the figure as a firmly delineated outer form in order to bring out its mobile, mutable and modelable character. The source material, which ranges from personal photographs, film stills and archive images to art history, increasingly becomes the pure occasion for a painting that lives entirely from the tension-filled interplay of two and three-dimensionality.

 » My art is an acknowledgement of the past, understood as a string of patterns, structures and processes that manifest themselves in us. In my work I process memories and visions of people close to me. My paintings are characterized by an ambiguity regarding the readability of emotion and situation. No work stands alone, each connects with the next and thus creates a constantly changing narrative. « 

In his latest series of paintings, « Sleepers, » consisting of several large-format, color-intensive portraits, Moll discusses the motive of the resting person in a variety of ways. The works oscillate between relaxation and restlessness and inevitably pose the question of the quality of sleep. In a process of search and discovery, the boundaries between relaxed dozing and insomnia are explored. The ambivalence of the works becomes formally clear. The bright colors accompany the subjects in their search for rest and sabotage the endeavor in equal measure.

DR / Moritz Moll, 2021
IG / Moritz Moll