Roberto Giacomucci – Dynamic Forces

Roberto Giacomucci, in Dynamic Forces openly declares the same principle: incarnating himself in the black arrow that is the subject he and the main actor of the works, he pushes the material to a dynamics triggered, precisely by a force of a physical type.

In its own, thanks to the exemplification, precisely thanks to the exemplification, embodied by the arrow that shows us the direction of the action that goes to act on the materials / forms the moment represented.

The arrow, who is the artist, embodies the speed of intuition in knowing the world with punctuality, the clear path towards an established goal which is its natural fulfillment ; in it there are no elements of ambiguity, only unification, decision and synthesis.

We could say, in closing, that Forces potentially freezes them, studies and analyzes them at its peak and explains to us the mechanism that underlies them.

DR / RR : Roberto Giacomucci, 2021

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