Sofia Fresey Angelopoulo, Recent works


What I’m working on right now, testing some squishy flexible foam. How to work with this material, how to layer it how to play with the colours and textrures. The material shapes the outcome more than the tools and the way I pour the foam does. The resistance of the material informs the maker and play a big role into shaping the outcome.
The material moves under gravity, the dome is hollow. The look and flexibility of the material adds something flesh-like to it – creature like – , creating this abject attraction present in slime. The result is something on the line between disgusting and beautiful. Also, the ‘sweet’ purple, levander and pink colours are distrupted by this pastel neon yellow. The charming, bright gems sit on top of silicon gue.

Installation/ Sculpture Variable Dimensions

Hott Fuzz

Sink the Pink and
Butterfly Caught

Marry The Night

A similar concept as the drawings ones. Different forms and colours come together and are layered, to interract into variable compositions. The styrofoam is friendly, soft, light, its rough texture is amplified as the colour enters all its nooks and crannies.

DR / Sofia Fresey Angelopoulou
Switzerland | +41796192171 | @grecobomb