Eugster II Belgrade présente Ksenija Jovišević

Fiat Lux,

Fiat Lux (Engl. Let there be light) consists of ‘the image’ prior to images; analog photography film beginnings, showing only the exposure itself. The work questions the presence of light while pointing out how light, or lack of it, affects the human condition and determines the limits of perception. The image is placed into the light box, an artificial source of illumination that is also used in light therapy.

Ksenija Jovišević (1988) graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade and is an alumna of Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, class of Prof. Willem de Rooij (2015-17). Her body of work confronts the universal questions of existence in contemporary times, playing with possible answers and solutions. She works across various media, focusing on the image as the essential premise of artistic creation and a medium that gets repeatedly re-examined. Among the various group and solo shows in Belgrade, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Reykjavik, Antwerp, Paris, Nantes, Zurich, Basel, she was an artist in residence at SÍM in Reykjavik, Iceland (2016), the finalist of the D. M. Mangelos Prize for 2017, and supported by the City of Frankfurt as an artist in residence at AIR Antwerpen, Belgium (2018). Currently, she lives on the relation between Germany and Serbia. 

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