Meet the Graphic Designers :

Extraset is an independent Swiss type foundry established in Geneva, jointly led by Alex Dujet (, Xavier Erni (, Roger Gaillard ( and David Mamie ( 

The four partner’s are all Geneva based graphic designers, and have been working in the cultural field for more than ten years. They share a deep interest for typography and they all developped typefaces through different projects. In 2016 they decided to join forces to work on a common catalogue of fonts and to distribute them themselves. They took time to sharpen their characters, to test them and to create a concept and an identity for their platform. Finally they launched extraset’s website in june 2020.

Their words:

« We believe that open-type formats offers numerous possibilities to contemporary graphic deisgner’s nowadays. Extraset’s fonts offers a lot of alternative character sets to provide more « customizable » fonts to their user’s. That way they can create their own combinations with different glyphs selected from a variety of stylistic sets. Each of the first six fonts that we recently published contains at least 10 alternate characters« .

Discover their actual typefaces


Every fonts are available now on their amazing new website
Toutes leurs fontes sont disponibles à prix tout doux sur