Daniel Buchner

Daniel Buchner (1984), is a young autodidact, digital native artist. With a background in electronic dance music he creates his art as he does his music, solely by computer. His works are created 100% digitally. As he puts it: “no pencils, no paint, no mess.”

Daniel takes minuscule pictures of inspiring photographs, art pieces etc. He then takes out all color gradients, this way hard edged colour pixels remain. After that he edits, rearranges, cuts, pastes and combines – composes, if you will – these pixels to become new works of art.

Titles of his compositions always refer to the original work. This way the old always stays connected to the new. Capturing the present perpetually.

Artist Statement:

In the early years of the 20th century a movement started in The Netherlands under supervision of Theo van Doesburg. It was called De Stijl or Neoplastisicm. Its most renowned member was Piet Mondriaan. De Stijl advocated an expression of a new utopian ideal of spiritual harmony and order by abstraction and universality. Reduction to the essentials of form and colour.

It were turbulent times in both art and everyday life. Now, more than 100 years into the future, turbulent times arise once again. Global crises and hardship reign. Balance is no longer an ideal, it’s a necessity.

Daniel states: ”My compositions are an exploration into a new Neoplasticism. Order through abstraction in form and colour. Leaning heavily on the vision of spiritual harmony”.

All Prints are for sale. Please contact the artist.

DR / Daniel Buchner, 2021
IG / Daniel Buchner