Guillaume Denervaud – Surv’Eye at CEC

Exhibition from March 2nd till April 23rd, 2021
Openings (Quartier des Bains) : 18, 19, and 20 of March, 2021, from 12:00 to 18:00

Guillaume Dénervaud’s artistic practice combines drawing, print, sculpture and installation with an interest in forms stemming from comics, science fiction, film and literature. He also draws inspiration from the real world, mixing references to decorative or utilitarian objects and bringing to light techniques, materials and forms often derived from crafts, design or more simply from popular culture and daily life. He associates contemporary and more vintage production methods with forgotten or rediscovered traditional skills. With a strong interest in printing techniques, he revisits processes such as airbrushing, graphite powder, lithography, screen printing and analogue and digital printing. This freedom in his choice of mediums generates untraceable and not easily recognisable printing methods, often superimposed and intermingled, producing highly pictorial, atmospheric and psychedelic effects of colour, light and transparency, as though in motion and deeply sensual. This richness and creative freedom gives Dénervaud’s work the impression of an aesthetic shift, with techniques and forms that appear to belong to the early 20th century, but characterised by perfectly contemporary presentation methods and precision.

Edited by the CEC (Center d’Edition Contemporaine), the images contained in this publication are cutouts from drawings made in graphite by the artist in a paper format of 46 by 61 cm and part of the Fumées Sombres series (2020).

Guillaume Dénervaud, Fumées Sombres, Before publication 4, brochure, 20 pages, published in the Before publication collection, which gathers the pre-publications – single booklets, 17.2 × 23.5 cm, stapled binding, 250 copies – of authors’ texts or artists’ inserts, which will appear regularly and as a preview before their final publication in L’Effet papillon II (second volume of L’Effet papillon, 1989 – 2007, catalogue of the Centre d’édition contemporaine published in 2008).
With a text by Dean Kissick.
Graphic design: Niels Wehrspann, Lausanne.

Edition of the Centre d’édition contemporaine – Geneva, 2021.
ISBN 978-2-9701369-1-0

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Bio Express :

Guillaume Dénervaud studied illustration at the École des arts appliqués in Geneva as well as the Work.master programme at HEAD, also in Geneva. He now works in Switzerland and abroad, such as at Red Gate in Vancouver, the Open Studios of the Cité Internationale in Paris, the ODD artspace in Bucharest, the Nicolas Krupp gallery and the Villa Renata at the invitation of Salts in Basel, the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts and Circuit in Lausanne, Hard Hat in Geneva and Fri Art in Fribourg. He has benefited from a residency offered by the Hermès company at the Cristallerie Saint-Louis and soon at the Swiss Institute, New York.

All images : DR / / Sandra Pointet, 2021