Meet the Graphic Designer : Charlie Le Maignan

My name is Charlie, Paris based graphic & interactive designer. 

I’ve studied graphic design through different schools. My apprenticeship begins with a two years print focused graphic design diploma. Then I was admitted to Estienne school which led me to motion and interactive design. To complete my studies I attended 3 years at Gobelins school master’s degree of arts in interactive design. At the same time I followed a type design course. 

I work as a freelance designer from my apartment/office/workshop in Paris. I enjoy working on multiple supports, from brand identity, motion design, posters, typography to websites and applications with the same strong graphics approach using thick typefaces and colorful visuals. 

I work surrounded by graphic books, typography and old collected objects that inspire me in my daily work. I enjoy tangible tools and wires everywhere. Most of the time I draw my inspiration by digging in old stuff, magazines, video games, stickers and signage. I am fascinated by old typefaces. 

I work and experiment a lot as long I find pleasure in it, the most important is to feel free to make strong designs. Being bold. 

DR/ Charlie Le Maignan, 2020
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