Lang / Baumann, a retrospective view

Sabina Lang (*1972) and Daniel Baumann (*1967) live in Burgdorf (Switzerland) and have collaborated since 1990. Their body of work includes installations, sculptures, large-scale wall or floor paintings, and architectural interventions. The two artists work in a wide range of materials—wood, metal, paint, carpet and inflatable structures—but their true medium is space. Most of their works are site-specific, some are modular and can be adapted to different situations. Many of their pieces can not only be viewed but actually used as well while others merely feign usability or artfully subvert it.

Through careful prior analysis of the location and context of their interventions, Lang/Baumann initiate a dialogue with the existing situation, often playfully upending expectations and disrupting patterns of perception. With their opulent imagery they deliberately seek a delicate balance between clearly defined categories like public and private space, familiar and strange, art and functionality.

Beautiful Steps #2
Exhibition: 2009, « Utopics. 11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition » Art in urban space, Biel-Bienne
Curator: Simon Lamunière Courtesy: Kunstsammlung der Stadt Biel-Bienne CH

Solo show: 2012, « Open » Grand Palais, Bern CH
Curator: Chantal Meng, Juliane Wolski

Spiral #3
Group show: 2013, « Of Bridges & Borders » Monjas, Valparaiso CL
Curator: Sigismond de Vajay

Beautiful Tube #2
Solo show: 2014, Parc Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, Ermenonville F
Curator: Corinne Charpentier

Up #1
Solo show: 2014, « Up #1 » sic! Raum für Kunst / Elephanthouse, Luzern CH
Curator: Nadine Wietlisbach

Beautiful Bridge #2
Group show: 2016, « Tokyo Art Flow » Futakotamagawa Station area, Tokyo JP
Curator: Spiral/Wacoal Art Center

Comfort #14
Group show: 2016, Biela noc, Košice/Bratislava SK
Curator: Zuzana Pacáková

Beautiful Windows #3 (Daria’s Belt)
Group show: 2017, « Cosima von Bonin, Lang/Baumann, Hannah Weinberger » Zabriskie Point, Genève CH
Curator: Yoan Mudry, Laure Marville, Roxane Bovet

Up #3
Group show: 2017, « Un été au Havre » Plage / Porte Océane, Le Havre F
Curator: Jean Blaise

Street Painting #9
Solo show: 2017, « Theaterplatz » Luzerner Theater, Luzern CH
Curator : Benedikt von Peter

Beautiful House #2
Permanent work: 2017, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers F
Curator: Yann Chevallier
Courtesy: Ville de Poitiers

Module #5 (Kunsthalle Bar)
2018, « 100-Jahr-Jubiläum » Kunsthalle, Bern CH

Comfort #17
Solo show: 2018, le 109, Pôle de cultures contemporaines, Nice F
Curator: Cédric Teisseire

Up #4
Solo show : 2020, Rolex Learning Center EPFL, Lausanne CH
Curator: Véronique Mauron Layaz

Beautiful Steps #17
Group show: 2020, « 7th Gherdëina Biennial » , Ortisei I
Curator: Adam Budak

DR / Lang Baumann