Peilian Li

Peilian Li is a Swiss-Chinese artist and writer. She lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is currently doing her Master in visual arts at ECAL/Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne.

 » I first met Peilian as a sensitive and talented artist with an inquisitive mind, and I have experienced her as a restless observer engaged in conceptual art practice as well as her own text production. In her broad and often installative projects she manages to assemble elements that draw from personal as well as virtual experiences and narratives of her close surroundings in an unseen manner. 

I have been impressed by Peilian‘s expanding interest in developing sensorial strategies for creating spaces by not only exhibiting her own sculptures, drawings, and objects but by also thinking about the visitor‘s occupation of the exhibition space. She constructs subtle but at the same time violent grounds for inviting us in but at the same time remembering us of intruding. »

– Miriam Laura Leonardi

Relational Nightmare
Mid-Year Master Graduation Project for ECAL, Feb. 2022

Selected works for the Vanderlove Letter :

Hyperactive on Instagram she publishes under the name @honey___banani an ongoing project Notes.

Note N. 91 & Note N.94

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Instagram : @honey_banani

ALL IMAGES : DR / RR The artist, 2022