Peter Foesters

Selected view, 2020

My name is Peter Foesters and I was born in Genk (Belgium) in 1968.

I’m currently living in Tongeren. 

In 1992 I graduated from Genk’s Art School, where I have specialized in drawing for 7 years and also in graphics for 5 years.

In the mid-1990s I started painting forms and objects in combination with gesso.
After a break of more than 10 years I began to experience with mold and to paint famous movie scenes by using clay.
For the past five years, approximately, I have only been painting abstract art. I have always been fascinated by both sculpting and painting which finally ended up by combining both of them in my art work.

As most of my work is made on canvas, the material has to be very light, which is the reason why I use polystyrene.
I am fond of using bright fluorescent colors, especially combined with black. Nevertheless, I am also very passionate about monotone paintings.
I always try to bring depth in my work, mainly by using straight lines. This makes my work sleeker and it creates an extra dimension as well. Therefore, I call it “Straight Dimensions”.

I am, above all, inspired by modern architecture (buildings, bridges, monuments), and contemporary artists like Klein, Mondriaan, Hockney, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Johns.

Driven by creativity I always want to take a step further in my art. Never stand still. Always take the next step.
For me, this is what art is all about!