Thomaz G. Meanda

Selected works, 2020


My name is Thomaz G. Meanda, I was born in 1982. I’m a visual artist from Brazil and I work in São Paulo. 

What to say about my series? They speak for themselves. I don’t like to finish a work or a series with explanations, I like their character to leave an open door for new interpretations, for new poetry.

I can say that I work with what touches me, what draws my attention in an existential impulse. To be at once about people on the edge of society and how they are dehumanised and have their voices taken away. It hurts me, it touches me. What also touches me is the psychological problems we all go through, panic, anxiety, a constant frustration in how the world is built and how it works. And how this whole world differs from our purest desires. I think I can say that I work with existential issues. Personal and collective. 

I work in many different strands. Sometimes I could be a pure abstract, and others a pure figurative. 

I always expect from a work of mine to teach me something new, I enter the opening of the novelty and let myself be taken to face whatever is necessary and leave from other side more enriched as a human. I hope that the works go through this process and that they can help others to see themselves as well.

I work with visual poetry, with a heart in fantastic realism. I like to explore the idea of seeing the world through different psychological and emotional perspectives. That exercise interests me. To see the essence and not the projection of it. 

I go through very different topics, optics and languages on my explorations. I have a necessity to do art. To understand, to digest, to overcome, to surpass. I have to work or I can’t survive. I’m obsessive about my work. I’m very prolific and I work very fast and for long hours, and days and so on. I have to be in the flow, moving, I can’t stop.

DR / Thomaz G. Meanda, 2020
IG / Thomaz G. Meanda
WEB / Thomaz G. Meanda