Sam Wagner

« I was once told that « boredom is your greatest enemy, » I often see and hear people say, « I’m bored. » We are all guilty of it from time to time. When using my hands to create something, the word boredom is never uttered; time flies, and days turn into nights. It is almost as if someone hit fast forward. One minute I am mixing my paint as the sun rises, and the next, I have missed dinner, a dozen texts, and a handful of phone calls. I would have it no other way. So I continue creating. »

« I create because words are hard, and I can’t think of any other way to explain the images in my head, so instead, I paint them. »
« Sam Wagner is a New York-based artist who focuses on shape and harmony of composition. His work attempts to stray away from the expected use of value and perspective to draw a childlike wonder from the viewer. Sam’s fascination with bold lines, hard edges, and technology can be seen in his primarily geometric abstract and Suprematism works. He hopes to create structure and clarity often unavailable in daily life. »

« I have studied traditional art, art history, and produced quite a few works of my own. Landscapes, portraits, still life, Neo-Impressionism, Neoclassicism, Post-Impressionism, but it never stuck. I was not too fond of the process, the rules, and, most of all, being told what to paint. I was always drawn to abstract art (De Stijl, Geometric Abstraction, & Neo-Plasticism) not because I found the profound meaning behind the work, but because it struck me, the feeling of grandeur, balance, and observational simplicity. Created a peaceful feeling that I strive to create in my work. »

DR / Sam Wagner, 2020