Danijela Gruban

Danijela Gruban is a contemporary artist from Republic of Srpska, she was born in 1998. She is currently studying at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia), at the Department of Fine Arts. She actively participates in exhibitions, projects and art colonies. She directs her creativity towards the study of minimalistic compositions. Her main specialty is in traditional and digital painting developing a clean designed aesthetic based on experience from graphic printmaking.

Entropy in symbiosis with contemporary society

My art creation is based on the relation of natural and artificial, a continued research in different materials. The concept of entropy encompasses the totality of man as a social, biological, psychological phenomenon in relation to nature. In order to tame and ennoble nature, there is a need to add new materials that are not intended for long-term use. I base my artistic expression on a kind of reduce design which is linked to the creation of layered structures of matter through the use of a combination of painting material). Compositional and rhythmic functions within the work are accomplished by contrasting levels, layering. 

The first part of this research was accompanied by an exhibition in Brussels from May 11 to June 15, 2020. In these minimal works, an aesthetic harmony is achieved within the composition, with simple and reduced poetics. Achromatic tonality enables the emphasis on subtle details, proportions and symmetry. Amorphous shapes appear within the geometrized compositions in the works, thus making the works look more controlled and precise. The existence of amorphous forms allows the viewer a feeling of comfort (relaxation, peace) and implies the beauty of self-control. –DB

DR / Danijela Gruban, 2021
IG / Danijela Gruban