Greg Azorsky

Greg Azorsky – Greg’s Doodle of the Day Project, launched on Facebook in 2016. Calling his style Abstract Minimalism, Azorsky brings color, structure and joy to doodling. 

Azorsky’s training spans the gamut of both right and left brain contexts of the cortex. He holds a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University as well as a Certificate in Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute. When he is not running a successful business in the recognition and awards industry, Azorsky has been a Fellow of the Midwest Jewish Artists Laboratory (2015-2017); Speaker for The Awards and Personalization Association; Kansas City Art Institute instructor (2015); and Co-chairman of The Jewish Arts Festival (2010 and 2013). 

Greg has been a part of several group shows, but in March 2019, The Epsten Gallery in Overland Park, Kansas, presented his first solo exhibition that included 339 individual pieces covering three walls of the galley.  

Work for his Doddle of the Day Project are created on his iPad, touched up on a computer, printed on an Epson Surecolor P800 printer, and mounted on panels or framed. While the doodling started as a pastime, it has now become a prolific artform. Azorsky’s doodle pieces number in excess of 600. 

His Bauhaus Tel Aviv print has been purchased by buyers from around the world and is the best selling print in the Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Azorsky also has work in Galerie Schön, Bonn, Germany.

DR / Greg Azorsky, 2020
IG / KC Cool – Greg Azorsky